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Welcome to Collars & Leads, a website dedicated to those who share our passion for Greyhound racing and everything that makes it tick.


My involvement with the industry commenced back in the 1970's, but for the last 30 years, I've been fortunate to have forged a media career in Greyhound racing, covering some of the biggest events and biggest races during that time.


Like so many others, I love reliving the great greyhounds and great races from years gone by and our 'Fabulous Flashbacks' showcase some of the legends of the sport who have graced our tracks and also some of the people who made the headlines.


We've got clips from our Greyhound Racing Extra video series which were released in 1994 and 1995 and we also have highlights of the English Derby series and some of the biggest races from the USA and New Zealand.


It's a weird world that we currently live in but a daily dose of greyhound racing goes a long way to making it better.

Mark Duclos

Thursday, March 27


Richie Dean had a stellar career as a greyhound trainer preparing the likes of National Lass; Little Denver and Henry Hand amongst a feast of big race winners - this story is from Greyhound Racing Extra - Volume 2 - 1994


Brother Fox was a superstar on the racetrack and later became a legend at Stud.

We turn the clock back to 1984 and the final of the Vic. Peters Classic at Harold Park - from Box 4, Brother Fox sets a new world record of 25.82 for the 457m.